Why Soursop?


Our micro-farm is thriving and expanding on a daily basis! That’s good news for you, because what we sow is completely FREE for your consumption throughout the duration of your stay with us!

The list of what we’ve got growing would be too long to list, so check out the pics instead!

Bird Lovers

Did you know that Panama is a top destination for Birding? Check out the pictures below to see some of the species we have hanging around the hostel.

Medicinal Tea Bar

Our medicinal tea garden is growing strong! As mentioned, all our medicinal teas are FREE for consumption during your stay, and we’re confident we finally have a plant to address the majority of ailments! Here are some pics and a link to our current offerings detailing their medicinal values:


We strongly believe in the following two statements: “You cannot achieve your goals alone” and “The Universe is always listening”! Those two statements pretty much sum up our experience with volunteers we’ve hosted. We seriously could not have done this without ladies and gents who came through as strangers only to leave as Soursop Family! Each one of you has left an everlasting imprint on the hostel. The uniqueness and timing of the gifts and lessons each volunteer afforded us proves that The Universe is always listening!

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities please visit us on Workaway.com or Contact us directly!