"How Do I Get To Soursop?"

From Panama City Airport:

You have two choices; you can take a 6 hr. bus ride to David or you can take a 1 hr. Copa Airlines flight to David (

From David Airport:

Take a taxi ($10-$15) to David Bus Terminal or take a taxi ($30-$40) to Soursop Hostel. You're going to tell the driver "Via Volcan, poco mas despues de la escuela de San Vicente, adentro la entrada de Macadamia" (a little bit past the San Vicente school, at the entrance of Macadamia). Once at the entrance of Macadamia you will see signs for Soursop, you can either negotiate with your driver to drive you down the road or you can walk (10-15 mins --beautiful walk though - if you're traveling light, we highly recommend it!).

From David Bus Terminal:

Take the Cerra Punta bus ($2-$3)...they run every 15-30 minutes. If you have trouble finding it, ask one of the drivers; they usually stand right outside the bus until it leaves. Tell the guy who collects the money "Macadamia". He should know it, but just in case, tell him "un poco mas despues la escuela de San Vicente" ("a little past San Vicente school).

Entrance to Macadamia:

Take the last 15 minutes of your journey to our location on foot. A lovely walk. The first part of a walk is downhill, look to your left! If its a clear day you can see straight to the Pacific Ocean! Continue down the road. You will pass a river, go up a hill (pretty steep), pass some fields with cows on the left and right, a white house on the right, a blue house on the right and then as you come up that next hill you'll probably be able to feel like you're almost there...and once you descend down that small hill you'll see us on the right!