Soursop Hostel Panama- Our Story

The Soursop Hostel is a Hostel, Micro-Farm and Retreat destination, named after the powerful Soursop fruit, (known locally as "Guanabana") nestled away in the mountains of Sortova, Chiriqui Province, Panama. Geographically, we are on the doorstep of Volcan Baru and Cerro Punta (30 minutes from David and 1 hour from Las Lajas Beach) in one of the world’s most lush and picturesque landscapes.  Simply put, it's Paradise.  A pristine location, simultaneously offering the ultimate peace in life and the ultimate adventure.

Due to our ideal location, we attract Backpackers, Adventurers and a variety of Retreat hosts seeking an off-the-beaten-path setting and location to achieve their travel goals. 

Our year-round tropical conditions allow for the constant and consistent growth of region-centric agriculture (Chiriqui Province produces 75% of all of Panama's fruits and vegetables), therefore, our half acre farm is consistently producing organically-grown fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants; including the powerful Soursop...all of which are completely FREE for Guests' consumption...and always seem to be within an arm's reach.  

Please feel free to send us an email via our Contact Page if we can answer any questions for you or to inquire about our Tours, Retreats and Vacation Packages.

Peace Signs, 

The Soursop Family

Break OPEN. Get FREE!